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Thank you for visiting Piney Creek KuneKunes and for your interest in KuneKune Pigs. Piney Creek KuneKunes is located in Calico Rock, Arkansas, deep in the Ozarks and on the banks of Piney Creek near the renowned White River. We are immensely proud to have KuneKune Pigs on our farm, situated in this picturesque region.

KuneKunes are a distinguished breed of heritage, grazing pigs originating from New Zealand. They are friendly, docile grazers that are gaining popularity across the United States. KuneKune Pigs stand out distinctly among other breeds! These are smaller grazing pigs that neither root nor destroy fences. They serve a multipurpose role, being utilized as breeding stock, show stock, pets, therapy animals, and by small homestead breeders keen on raising this breed for family consumption.

Be sure to check out our For Sale page to see the KuneKunes we currently have available. Owning KuneKune Pigs is a decision you'll cherish!

We trust you'll relish browsing through our pictures and deepening your understanding of the KuneKune Pig breed. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions about this unique breed of pigs. We're always eager to discuss KuneKune Pigs! For more information about our farm, visit our About Us page or get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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