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Our Heritage KuneKune Boars


PCF Tonganui/Aria Giana

AKKPS 25059

COI 4.3

Woody, son of my beautiful dark ginger Arlo

and my large Aria Giana sow, Speck. I believe he got the best of both parents, since birth he was large and in charge. And also LOUD.


PCF Boris/Rebecca Gina

AKKPS 5939

COI 8.2

We were excited to retain this Boris boar from

Ranger and it's a joy to watch him grow!

MacDougal has been a great breeder, he's up to 52 piglets and produces large and beautiful offspring!


VKK Ru 60

AKKPS 11246

COI 11.9

    Rush is a beautiful black & deep ginger Ru

that will produces lovely piglets. He's also

sweet tempered like most boars!

I have a difficult time choosing between him & MacDougal.

Rush has produced 27 beautiful piglets!

Buster Brown

Piney Creek Ru 22

AKKPS 25054

COI 6.6

  Buster was born from a cream dam & Rush my beautiful Ru.

He was a beautiful brown/ginger but beginning to turn more black. 

He has a sweet personality and long silky hair!