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Our Heritage KuneKune Boars



AKKPS 0433

COI 8.59

Ranger is our first boar and we have never regretted starting with a Boris. When he isn’t in the mud he has beautiful, rich black and ginger coloring with curls!

He has the large Boris head we like so much.

Ranger is a big boy with a calm temperament.  


PCF Boris/Rebecca Gina

AKKPS 5939

COI 8.2

We were excited to retain this Boris boar from

Ranger, can't wait to watch him grow!

MacDougal had his first offspring & more on the

way, he's very popular with the ladies!


VKK Ru 60

AKKPS 11246

COI 11.9

    Rush is a beautiful black & deep ginger Ru

that will produce lovely piglets. He's also

sweet tempered like most boars!


Mossy Glade Farm Andrew/Aria Giana

AKKPS 6843

COI 2.2

 I am so glad to finally get my hands on Banjo! He's

exactly what I like in a boar, short legs, straight topline

and a curled up snout! Lots of little Banjo's will be here

spring of 2021!