Parents: Jenny/Te Whangi
Registration: Dual Registered AKKPS 0548
COI: 10.35
Calamity is my first KuneKune Pig and definitely our “boss hog” in the herd. Yes, I was reading a book about Calamity Jane when I named her but the name fits her perfectly.
She is everything you could want in a KuneKune and the Jenny Sow Line, great conformation, dark coloring and wonderful mothering skills. Being over 10 years old she is no longer breeding but I consider her the foundation of Piney Creek Farm.

Calamity-flowers - 1


Parents: Sally/Boris
Registration: 24217
COI: 6.2
Bree is from my original sally and boris bloodlines. She had her first litter of six in the summer of 2023 and showed us what a fantastic mother she could be. She gave MacDougal two thick boars and four gorgeous gilts.



Parents: Tuahuru/Tuahuru
Registration: 26027
COI: 7.9
Glory is daughter to my beautiful sow Layla and handsome boar Rogue! Both of have gone to other farms but Glory is carrying on for them. As she's aged she has become more ginger than Cream, she also gave us seven lovely piglets recently!



Parents: Jenny/Mahia Love
AKKPS: 25737
COI: 6.4
I added this new Jenny line from Bowen Farm and I'm so glad I did. Charlee is such a sweet sow with great conformation, plus she's another wonderful mother! She had her first litter of five in 2023, unassisted.



Parents: Wilsons Gina/Whakanui
Registration: 13053
COI: 2.8
Gabby is one in a long Wilsons Gina sow line for PCF, beginning with Black Betty, then Bambalam & Koko. She's large and in charge!



Parents: PCF Momona/Andrew
AKKPS: 18018
COI: 3.9
A lovely Momona from my RedRoof kunekune "Lass". The best temperment of all my sows. Losing her dam has made her extra special to me. Skye is on the large side with excellent mothering instincts.

SKYE - 1

Queen Bee

Parents: PCF Trish/BH Tutaki
AKKPS: 6030
COI: 5.0
Queen Bee has the most gentle nature of all our gilts, great conformation with feet and pasterns. She had 10 cream piglets her first litter! She's six years old now and might have had her last litter....but we will wait and see!

Queen - 1


Parents: Jenny/Mahia Love
AKKPS: 10413
COI: 6.9
Emmie is from AFV farm and a great granddaughter to my Calamity. I am so happy to have her and to add another beautiful Jenny to my herd! She's had two very large litters, the first one ten, the last on nine, and of course she has those mothering skills that all Jenny's are famous for.

Emmie - 1
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